Early Access Program

We at JetBrains believe that making tools for developers should greatly involve listening to developers. The EAP lets the community try pre-release versions of DataGrip and influence development planning, from early stages onwards.

This page lists pre-release builds of DataGrip 2017.2, the next major update planned for July 2017. It is in active development, and we really appreciate your feedback. Please use DataGrip issue tracker to report bugs and suggest new features. Or just tweet at us!

Why should you try EAP builds?

Early Access Program lets you evaluate brand-new features as well as many important bug fixes for already existing functionality that will be added to the next release. You can install DataGrip EAP along with the stable DataGrip installation and get regular updates for both.

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Build highlights

  • Notification when a large query is finished
  • Incremental introspection for Amazon Redshift
  • Better DDL generation in Amazon Redshift

See the blog post

  • Support for embedded Redshift functions that are absent in PostgreSQL
  • NEW and OLD references are resolved in PostgreSQL triggers
  • Support for MERGE statements for all databases where they are available
  • Completion now works for columns in table-valued functions
  • Lines with two identical results are merged in Find in Path

See the blog post

  • Support for Amazon Redshift and Microsoft Azure
  • Support for several databases in a single PostgreSQL data source
  • New evaluate expression functionality
  • Possibility to attach query console to a file
  • Result-sets now switch along with corresponding console
  • Objects are resolved by their OID values in PostgreSQL

See the blog post