What’s New 2023.1 (February)

Datalore Enterprise 2023.1 introduces the Datalore API to trigger notebook runs and report updates, improves the performance of the Report builder and the Reactive kernel, and introduces other quality improvements.

Datalore Run API

Datalore Run API

It is now possible to trigger running a Datalore notebook or republishing a report with an API call. This feature is an addition to scheduled runs, which allows you to trigger rerunning a notebook on-demand from external apps and internal Datalore notebooks. It is also possible to view the run results from the Scheduled run menu. More information on how to use the API can be found here.

Quality and Performance Improvements

  • Cloud bucket connections are now available at the workspace level, similar to database connections.
  • Report builder now works smoothly for notebooks with 100+ cells with complex outputs.
  • Cells in the Report builder are now inserted in the same order as in the notebook.
  • Notebook viewers can now view the content of attached databases and cloud storages.
  • Collaborators will be automatically kicked out of the notebook if the public access link is revoked.
  • There is now the option to stop a Scheduled run from the User | Running machines dialog.
  • Notebooks and reports with Reactive mode switched on now have a fallback solution if the CRIU is incompatible with the host kernel.
  • Notebooks and reports with Reactive mode switched on now support intermediate cells that can’t be checkpointed due to open connections or devices.
  • Metric cells now allow comparing two float numbers.
  • It is now possible to export the entire contents of a workspace as a Zip archive.
  • Terminal sessions will be reactivated when the notebook wakes up from sleep.