Datalore AI

Generative AI is instrumental in boosting data teams’ productivity and helping data science democratization company-wide. That’s why we’ve implemented Datalore AI into our notebooks. Datalore AI helps you generate Python, SQL, and R code, describe your findings with comprehensive text, and fix code errors – all in the blink of an eye.

Generate and modify code and text with Ask AI

Instead of manually writing code or text, add a new cell and use the Ask AI feature to turn your request into Python, SQL, or R code, or Markdown text. Ask AI can generate code and text from scratch or help you modify existing cell contents. The benefit of using Ask AI instead of third-party services is that Datalore automatically enriches your request with the context from your previous analyses, helping you get higher quality results. Learn more about how it works here .

Fix errors with Datalore AI

When your notebook or cell execution fails with an error, Datalore will suggest an action to help you fix it with Datalore AI. You will be able to see the difference between the initial code and the applied changes, and choose to accept and run the solution.

Datalore Autopilot

Get advice from AI or set an explicit research goal and receive tailored suggestions for your analysis. Autopilot can analyze notebook data in your preferred language – whether Python, Kotlin, R, or Scala.