What's New in dotPeek 1.1

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.msi installer (27.8 Mb)

This page outlines new features that are available in dotPeek 1.1. Highlights of the new version include export to Visual Studio projects, improved navigation and decompilation, as well as introduction of bookmarks.

Export assembly to project

Based on high demand, we have enabled saving decompiled assemblies as Visual Studio projects.

After generating the projects from decompiled sources, you can now browse projects (.csproj files) and everything that's included in them without leaving dotPeek.


Present in ReSharper for quite a long time, bookmarks have also arrived in dotPeek. Bookmarks let you drop a numbered marker at any position in the code viewer, and jump back at any time.

You can create up to 10 numbered bookmarks, and unlimited unnumbered bookmarks.

Preserving state between launches

dotPeek has become way better in terms of preserving its state between sessions. This includes restoring the state of window layout and active tool windows, as well as lists of loaded assemblies and recently opened files.

BAML decompilation

If you're faced with a compiled WPF app, you can now easily look at its XAML UI definitions. The generated XAML code is enabled with all the navigation and search features that you would expect if you're a ReSharper user.

Decompilation improvements

Multiple decompiler improvements include better support for async methods, lambda and LINQ expressions, as well as field-like events.

Following the footsteps of ReSharper 8, dotPeek 1.1 includes Go to Everything, a navigation command that enables navigating to either file, symbol or type within one menu.

Go to Everything in dotPeek 1.1

New distribution options

In addition to the .msi installer, dotPeek is now also distributed as 32-bit and 64-bit executables, which supersede the previously available .zip archive distribution.