What′s New in dotPeek

This page outlines what has changed in recent versions of dotPeek.

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Improved NuGet support

Improved NuGet support 2020.2

This release brings better support for C# language features:

  • NuGet v3 package feeds are now supported in Open from NuGet, Open from NuGet packages cache, and Open NuGet packages.config.
  • Items with similar names are now collapsed in the Open from NuGet and Open from NuGet packages cache dialogs.
  • NuGet packages are sorted alphabetically.

C# support 2020.2

dotPeek continues to improve its support for the most recent versions of C#, and the new release brings:

  • Expression-bodied members.
  • Throw expressions.
  • Default parameters and named arguments.
  • NullablePublicOnly attribute.

Generate PDB 2020.2

The Generate PDB engine now infers and stores the tuple component names for local variables.

Nullable Reference Types support

Nullable Reference Types support 2020.1

This release brings better support for C# language features:

  • Support for nullable reference types (NRT) has come to the decompiler. Please note that this only works in declarations, not in the bodies of methods.
  • We’ve added support for decompiling the default members of interfaces and Auto-Implemented Property Field-Targeted attributes.
  • We’ve improved support for decompiling tuple component names.
IL Viewer

IL Viewer 2020.1

The Intermediate Language (IL) Viewer supports custom attributes for interface implementations and generic parameter constraints. For example, a compiler can apply a NullableAttribute and TupleElementNamesAttribute to these entities.

Support for more C# 7 features 2019.3

dotPeek 2019.3 supports decompiling additional C# 7 language features:

  • Tuples.
  • Deconstruction.
  • Discards.

Support for symbol packages 2019.3

dotPeek can now navigate to the external sources of NuGet packages that have a source symbols package (.snupkg).

Updated Assembly Explorer 2019.2

We’ve added the following:

  • ‘Summary’ property on the “Properties” tab for nodes. It is available for types, interfaces, and other members that have a corresponding XML Doc.
  • An unmanaged (win32) resources subtree.

Metadata tree updates 2019.2

A couple of updates for the metadata tree:

  • a description for unmanaged resources directories and entries (type, language).
  • a description for section’s headers.
New tooltip in the IL Viewer

IL Viewer update 2019.2

We’ve added a new tooltip with the keyword description to the IL Viewer.

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