dotCover 2 How-To Screencasts

YouTube playlist

In this set of screencasts, Maarten Balliuew shows how to use dotCover for running and covering unit tests, navigate from source code to tests, match coverage results with project structure, filter and export coverage results. You can also learn how to use Hot Spots view and the console version of dotCover that integrates with TeamCity.

What's New in dotCover 2

JetBrains TV video (3 min) 

In this video, James Kovacs describes new features in dotCover 2.0 that include a bundled unit test runner that enables you to analyze unit test coverage without using ReSharper; attribute filters for fine-tuned code base filtering; and support for Visual Studio 2012 RC.

JetBrains dotCover Overview

JetBrains TV video (8 min) 

In this screencast Hadi Hariri introduces dotCover, showing how to get it up and running in a matter of minutes. Using the default ASP.NET MVC application template, Hadi explains how to run code coverage, display and interpret coverage results, highlight covered and uncovered code in Visual Studio.

Analyzing Code Coverage in .NET Applications with dotCover

JetBrains TV video (1 min) 

This short screencast shows how dotCover helps estimate code coverage after running your unit tests from ReSharper.

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dotCover 2 Online Help

Getting Started with dotCover 2
A quick start guide to code coverage using dotCover.

dotCover 2 Default Keymap (46 Kb)
The entire set of default dotCover keyboard shortcuts as of version 2.0.

dotCover FAQ
Frequently asked questions about dotCover.

dotCover 2 Data Sheet (76 Kb)
A short summary of key facts and features of dotCover.

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Benefits of Code Coverage
Hadi Hariri explains how code coverage helps prioritize test-driven development.

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