What′s New in dotCover

This page guides you through major updates in dotCover versions 3.0–3.2 and 10. Highlights include Continuous Testing for a lot faster unit test feedback; remote code coverage; a restyled coverage configuration dialog; a new coverage controller; support for latest versions of ReSharper as well as for Visual Studio 2015.

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Continuous testing with dotCover

Continuous testing

The latest major release of dotCover introduces continuous testing: a modern unit testing workflow whereby dotCover figures out on-the-fly which unit tests are affected by your latest code changes, and automatically re-runs the affected tests for you.

Based on your preferences, dotCover can detect and/or run affected tests on saving a file, on building your solution or soon as you explicitly tell dotCover to do so.

You can use continuous testing with all your unit tests, or specify exactly which tests you want to run continuously and which to run in a traditional way.

dotCover as part of ReSharper Ultimate

Support for ReSharper 10
and Visual Studio 2015

dotCover 10 continues to refine integration with Visual Studio 2015 while keeping compatibility with Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and 2013 intact as well.

As to ReSharper compatibility, dotCover 10 can be used alongside ReSharper 10. If you are wondering why dotCover has jumped from version 3.2 to 10, that's because we're now using common versioning across ReSharper Ultimate tools. One of the main reasons to do so is to express cross-compatibility across ReSharper Ultimate tools, including ReSharper and dotCover.

Remote code coverage

You can now run coverage analysis of unit tests on a remote machine and have results served back to your local computer.

As soon as you start coverage analysis, dotCover sends binaries and the list of tests to be executed to a remote server. All calculations are executed by the server, and the coverage snapshot is then sent back to your machine. You can then examine coverage results in the same way you do following a local coverage run.

Refined coverage configuration

A coverage configuration dialog box has been redesigned to streamline manual coverage runs.

Before you start a manual code coverage session for an external application, you can now easily select an application type to run and set preferences.

Custom coverage scope

If necessary, dotCover allows you to include assemblies into coverage results even if these assemblies are not loaded in your solution.

Additionally, you can now change the scope of assemblies to be accounted for in a coverage snapshot using the console runner's new "Scope" parameter. Note that exclusion filters take precedence over any custom scope configuration.

Updated coverage controller

Updated coverage controller

dotCover 3 receives an updated coverage controller for use with manual code coverage sessions.

Inspired by dotTrace, this controller provides you with options to either stop or continue calculating coverage after taking a snapshot.

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