All .NET tools, ReSharper C++,
and JetBrains Rider, together in one pack
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Your complete .NET toolkit.

Your complete .NET toolkit

Whatever type of development you do, with dotUltimate your coding will be truly empowered. It includes Visual Studio extensions, a standalone IDE, and a set of profiling and coverage tools to help you take advantage of the countless opportunities .NET development provides.

.NET development encompasses a wide range of areas – there’s heavy enterprise development with .NET Framework, cross-platform development with .NET Core, mobile apps with Xamarin, games with Unity, applications to run in AWS or Azure clouds, and web applications with Blazor, Razor, and ASP.NET / ASP.NET Core. No matter what you are creating, dotUltimate has you covered.

Profile and track coverage.

Profile and track coverage

A dotUltimate license is a great choice for developers who are keen to eliminate performance bottlenecks, plug memory leaks, and ensure their unit tests are fully covered. With dotUltimate’s comprehensive, easy-to-use tools at hand, you can effectively and efficiently solve performance and memory consumption issues at all stages of the development cycle.

dotCover, dotTrace, and dotMemory, as well as their plugins for Rider, are only available as part of the dotUltimate license.

More tools for the same price.

More tools for the same price

Have you spent countless hours trying to convince your manager to upgrade your “ReSharper Ultimate” license to “ReSharper Ultimate + Rider,” only to be denied because of the extra cost? No more!

With a flexible dotUltimate license, you can mix and match both tools, picking the right one for the job every time. Transition easily between ReSharper and Rider without having to purchase an additional license. Even better, it costs exactly the same as a ReSharper Ultimate license used to!

No need to choose only one IDE.

No need to choose only one IDE

dotUltimate allows you to switch easily between Visual Studio with ReSharper and JetBrains Rider. You can work on your Windows projects in Visual Studio augmented by ReSharper, and at the same time use the fast and powerful JetBrains Rider for your cross-platform .NET development. With a dotUltimate license, you get both IDEs (plus other nifty tools) to develop high-quality applications in any environment and boost your productivity, as well.

How to upgrade to dotUltimate

Can I upgrade my existing Rider, ReSharper, or ReSharper C++ license to dotUltimate?

Yes, having existing licenses for any of these products makes you eligible to purchase new dotUltimate subscriptions with an additional discount. You can get an estimate of your subscription costs using ReSharper's Buy page or Rider’s Buy page. For any licensing questions, or if you need a formal quote, please contact JetBrains Sales. All of your continuity discounts will be preserved, too.

I have a ReSharper C++ license. Am I covered?

A separate ReSharper C++ license no longer exists. Instead, each ReSharper license now automatically covers C++. This means your current ReSharper C++ license is now valid for both ReSharper and ReSharper C++, and is now sufficient to enable C++/CLI support. All of your continuity discounts are preserved, too.

I have ReSharper Ultimate or “ReSharper Ultimate + Rider” licenses. What should I do?

These licenses are automatically upgraded to the dotUltimate license for free. No additional action is required from your side. All of your continuity discounts are preserved, too.

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75 companies in the Forbes Digital 100 use .NET development tools from JetBrains.

Joachim Ante

Using Rider to write C# makes me happy. I have never seen code refactoring tools that actually work - always without exception. It's amazing when you can rely on it.

Joachim Ante,

Unity CTO & Founder

Thomas Ardal

dotMemory has opened a previously closed door to memory problems in my applications. It's the type of tool you don't think you miss until you've tried it.

Thomas Ardal,


Joshua Kerievsky

I love ReSharper! Its code suggestions routinely help me write better C#/VB.NET code.

Joshua Kerievsky,

Founder, Industrial Logic

Peter Kellner

All I can say is I love it. If you don't use ReSharper, drop what you are doing and go out and buy it!

Peter Kellner,

Consultant, 73rd Street Associates

Jeremy Miller

JetBrains Rider is my C# development tool of choice these days on both OS X and Windows. If you’re a longstanding ReSharper user, you’ll find it to be an almost seamless transition. I highly recommend the developer-friendly keystroke navigation and fine-grained debugger support.

Jeremy Miller

Dennis Doomen

JetBrains Rider is the first tool I install after repaving my development machine. I haven’t launched Visual Studio for months after I switched to JetBrains Rider. Working with branches has never been so smooth since I started using JetBrains’s Rider.

Dennis Doomen,

Continuous Improver at Aviva Solutions and author of Fluent Assertions

Christophe Nasarre

The dotTrace simple user interface helped me obtain significant performance gains in no time on real world applications: allocation tracking with call stacks and timeline mode are just invaluable!

Christophe Nasarre,

Staff Software Development Engineer At Criteo

Jaco Pretorius

ReSharper is an awesome tool. If you're using it, you probably agree, and if you aren't, you should be. The productivity gains are incredible.

Jaco Pretorius,

Technical Lead, ThoughtWorks

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