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.NET refactoring, code analysis, unit testing and more productivity features in Visual Studio

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Standalone .NET IDE: cross-platform, feature-rich, fast, ReSharper refactorings out of the box

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Why prefer ReSharper Ultimate

  • Fully integrates into a .NET developer's workflow in Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Includes CPU and memory profilers, code coverage and a continuous testing tool
  • Includes support for C++ projects in Visual Studio

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Why prefer Rider

  • Works on Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Standalone IDE based on the same platform that powers Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, and other popular developer tools
  • Includes ReSharper's code analysis, refactorings, and more developer productivity features
  • Focuses on performance and UI responsiveness

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Both tools will provide you with:

Full language support

Both ReSharper and Rider come with deep understanding of C#, VB.NET, XAML, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, HTML, and XML code. F# and SQL support is available in Rider exclusively.


Most of ReSharper's 50+ refactorings are available in Rider, and its 350+ context actions are all there. You can rename, extract methods, interfaces and classes, move and copy types, use alternative syntax, and a lot more!

Code generation

Code generation actions can create a lot of code for you: constructors to initialize any set of type members; methods and properties required by an interface you're implementing; equality checks, formatting members, and more.

Code analysis

There are 2000+ live code inspections to help you detect errors and code smells. Over 1000 quick-fixes are available to resolve detected issues individually or in bulk. For a bird's-eye view of errors in your projects, use solution-wide error analysis (SWEA): it will monitor errors in your code base and let you know if anything goes wrong.

Unit testing

ReSharper and Rider provide unit test runners that help you run and debug unit tests based on NUnit,, MSTest, QUnit and Jasmine. You can explore tests, group them in different ways, break them down into individual sessions, see test output and navigate to source code from stack traces.

You can jump to any file, type, or member in your code base in no time, as well as find settings and actions. Find usages of any symbol, or navigate from a symbol to base and derived symbols, extension methods or implementations.


Visual Studio extension for .NET developers

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A cross-platform .NET IDE based on the IntelliJ platform and ReSharper

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Peter Kellner on ReSharper

All I can say is I love it. If you don't use ReSharper, drop what you are doing and go out and buy it!

Peter Kellner, Consultant,
73rd Street Associates

Jaco Pretorius on ReSharper

ReSharper is an awesome tool. If you're using it you probably agree and if you aren't you should be. The productivity gains are incredible.

Jaco Pretorius, Technical Lead,

Joshua Kerievsky on ReSharper

I love ReSharper! Its code suggestions routinely help me write better C#/VB.NET code.

Joshua Kerievsky, Founder,
Industrial Logic

David Starr on ReSharper

The ultimate Agile tool is ReSharper. Refactoring is just so darn easy that change isn't scary.

David Starr, Chief Software Architect,