Free Licenses for Students, Teachers, and Accredited Educational Institutions

Students should have access to the highest-quality education available. Our tools can play a significant role in helping new developers understand Java, .NET, Ruby and other fundamentals, and quickly develop their skills. We provide licenses completely free to support students, teachers, and educational organizations all around the world.

Individual Student Licenses

If you are a faculty member or a student enrolled at an accredited educational institution, and would like to use our products for studying, teaching or academic research, absolutely free, you can apply individually for all products at once. All you need to apply is to have access to your school/university email address or a valid ISIC card.

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Classroom Licenses

If you’re looking for multiple licenses to use in a classroom setting, we provide free licenses to universities, colleges, schools, and non-commercial educational organizations to support classroom instruction in on-site classrooms and computer labs. Licenses can be used in your organization's local network and shared with multiple users.

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Educational Tools

We at JetBrains are always looking for better networking opportunities for professional developers and those who are just starting out in the world of development. We have created our own completely free and open source tools to help people learn programming, with the needs of both learners and educators in mind.

Our educational tools include essential features like code editor, debugger, and VCS support, along with unique educational features such as “fill in the missing code” exercises, intelligent hints, checks, smart suggestions, automatic code completion, and much more.

Learn and Teach Python with PyCharm Edu

Python is one of the most popular programming languages for beginners. That’s why we’ve created PyCharm Edu—a special educational edition of PyCharm IDE, an intelligent tool for professional Python development.

PyCharm Edu has everything you need to learn, teach and develop, with Python already built in.

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Learn and Teach Kotlin, Java, and Python with EduTools plugin

Discover interactive learning or share your knowledge in the form of coding tasks and custom verification tests right inside your everyday development environment.

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Please, contact us if you’re interested in learning or teaching with Educational Tools:

Internship Program

JetBrains offers summer internships as well as part-time positions with a flexible schedule year round. All interns are involved in real projects, and just like staff members, they have a high level of autonomy and responsibility, choosing their own tasks and problems to solve.

This is a unique opportunity to take a swing at project development, UI design, and marketing research over the course of a full production cycle of a modern rich Internet application.

Industry Internships

A JetBrains industry internship gives you the opportunity to become a full-fledged member of a product team and work on challenging problems alongside the best developers, gaining invaluable experience and enhancing your skills. Click here to know more details and learn how to apply.

Research Internships

If you have a more scientific mindset, then JetBrains Research is for you! This enterprise unites several scientific laboratories doing research in the fields of Bioinformatics, Applied Math, Robotics, etc. We are currently hiring interns at two labs: the Mobile Robot Algorithms Lab and the Programming Languages and Tools Lab. If these do not match your idea of a dream job, you can check out all of our research groups, choose the one that is right for you, and contact the Lab Head directly.

Campus Ambassador Program

JetBrains runs a global Campus Ambassador Program with a focus on THE Top 100 universities in computer science and engineering.

The Campus Ambassador Program aims to support students interested in JetBrains tools locally, at the universities. Depending on a university’s specific needs, JetBrains provides technical assistance and guidance, sponsorship of various activities and funding, giveaways, and more. In Singapore, for example, more than 120 students are members of a JetBrains tools user group, and many of them regularly attend workshops led by Sebastian Lee, JetBrains Campus Ambassador at the National University of Singapore.