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Archetype Catalogs

Use this page to configure or modify Maven archetype catalogs.



the Add the Add icon or Alt+Insert

Use this icon or shortcut to define a new catalog. Specify a name and a path to a file or URL of the new catalog.

the Edit icon or Enter

Use this icon or shortcut to change the added catalog.

the Remove icon or Alt+Delete

Use this icon or shortcut to delete the added catalog.




The following catalog names can be applied:

  • Internal: is the system catalog that is part the Maven distribution.

  • Default Local: is the catalog that is located in the .m2 directory of your local machine.

  • Maven Central: is the catalog located at Maven central repository.


Type of a catalog. The System catalogs cannot be modified. If you add a custom catalog, it could be a Local catalog or a Remote one depending on the location of the specified catalog. Those catalogs can be modified or removed as needed.


Path to the location of the catalog.

Last modified: 11 February 2024