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File and project analysis

Aqua analyzes your code in the file that is currently opened in the editor and highlights detected problems as you type. It also automatically checks your entire project for errors.

Additionally, you can run an inspection or a group of inspections in the selected scope of files manually. In this case, you will get a comprehensive report of all detected problems.

Current file

The IDE continuously checks your code and searches for problems. The widget in the top-right corner of the editor displays the number of problems of each severity detected in the current file:

Inspection widget

Click the widget to open the list of problems in the File tab of the Problems tool window. You can also access the Problems tool window by selecting View | Tool Windows | Problems or by pressing Alt+6.

For each problem, you can see the suggested quick-fix by pressing Alt+Enter or by clicking Show Quick Fixes. You can also jump to the corresponding line in the editor by pressing F4 or by double-clicking the problem in the tool window.

Alternatively, click Open Editor Preview to be able to view and fix problems in the tool window.

The color stripe in the scrollbar also marks the detected code problems and helps you quickly access the corresponding lines without scrolling the file. Hover over a mark on the stripe to see the detected problem in a tooltip. Click a mark to jump to the corresponding line.

You can jump from one highlighted problem to another within a file by clicking the Next Highlighted Error button the Next Highlighted Error button in the widget or by pressing F2 or Shift+F2 accordingly. By default, the IDE will navigate you to problems according to their severity: errors > warnings > weak warnings > server problems > typos.

You can configure Aqua to take you through the problems one by one regardless of their severity. Hover over the widget in top-right corner of the editor, click the More button, select 'Next Error' Action (F2) Goes Through, and enable All Problems.

Configuring navigation between highlighted lines
Last modified: 26 May 2024