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Gradle JVM selection

If you created or opened a Gradle project and the version of Gradle JVM in your project is not what you've expected, you can check the following procedures to see how Aqua chooses the specific Gradle JVM version.

Let's say you are creating a project.

Resolve the Gradle JVM version for a new project

  1. If you use a project SDK which is JDK then Gradle JVM will be equal to your project's SDK. Basically, Gradle JVM equals Project SDK.

  2. If the project's SDK equals JRE then Aqua will use the same steps as in opening an existing Gradle project.

  3. If there is a Gradle wrapper, then Aqua will use the most compatible existing Gradle version on the machine. If you don't use the Gradle wrapper in your project then Tooling API and the Gradle wrapper that Tooling API will generate is used.

When you open a Gradle project for the first time, Aqua checks several places one by one to establish what version of Gradle JVM to use.

Resolve the Gradle JVM version for the existing project

  1. Aqua checks the file for the appropriate Gradle JVM specified in and uses it for the project.

  2. Then it checks the JAVA_HOME environment variable.

  3. Then it checks the closest appropriate JDK version for the existing Gradle version.

When you add a module to your project, Aqua will do the following:

Resolve the Gradle JVM version for a module

  1. Aqua will use the Gradle JVM version if there is one in other modules.

  2. If there is no Gradle JVM then Aqua will follow the same steps as in Resolve the Gradle JVM version for the existing project.

    When you import a module, Aqua uses Gradle defined in the project. If it is not then Aqua executes the same steps as in opening a project.

Access the Gradle JVM settings

  1. In the Settings dialog (Ctrl+Alt+S) , select Build, Execution, Deployment | Build Tools | Gradle.

  2. On the Gradle settings page, under the Gradle section, use the Gradle JVM option to check the Gradle version used for importing a project.

Last modified: 11 February 2024