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Sticky lines

The sticky lines (or sticky scroll) feature enhances your coding experience by maintaining the visibility of parent elements as you scroll through the file, offering immediate context to your code. In a file with a complex hierarchy of classes and methods, this feature ensures that the signature of the currently viewed method and its containing classes always remain at the top of the editor.

You can also click any of the sticky lines to scroll the editor to the corresponding declaration.

Aqua: Sticky lines in the editor

By default, the Show sticky lines feature is enabled.

Disable sticky lines

  • Right-click the sticky lines in the editor and click Disable Sticky Lines.

    Disable Sticky Lines
  • Right-click the gutter, select Appearance, and then deselect Show Sticky Lines.

    Disable sticky lines from the gutter
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+S to open settings and then select Editor | General | Appearance. Clear the Show sticky lines while scrolling checkbox.

By default, the number of sticky lines is limited to 5. To increase or decrease the number of sticky lines, use the corresponding field next to the Show sticky lines while scrolling option on the Editor | General | Appearance page of settingsĀ  Ctrl+Alt+S.

Last modified: 26 May 2024