Aqua 2023.3 Help

Get AI assistance for VCS commits

Generate commit messages

AI Assistant can send your diffs to the LLM (Large Language Model), which will generate a commit message describing your changes.

  1. Press Alt+0 to open the Commit tool window.

  2. Click Ml llm icons ai assistant Generate Commit Message with AI Assistant.

    Aqua: AI Assistant generates commit messages
  3. Edit the message if necessary.

    Aqua: AI-generated commit message

Explain commits

AI Assistant can summarize the changes made in one or several commits.

  1. Click App expui toolwindow vcs in the bottom-left corner or press Alt+9 to open the version control tool window.

  2. In the commits pane, select the commit or several commits you want to summarize, right-click them and select Explain Commit with AI Assistant in the context menu.

    Explain Commit with AI Assistant option in VCS log

    AI Assistant provides the summary of the selected commits.

    AI Assistant explains commit
Last modified: 05 December 2023