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Creating Patches

CLion suggests two ways of creating patches:

  • On the base of the revisions, either local or committed to the repository, or
  • On the base of revisions stored in the local history.

To create a patch file

  1. In the Local Changes tab or the Repository tab of the Version Control tool window, select a change or changelist you want to create a patch for. Alternatively, click img on the toolbar of the Repository tab.
  2. On the main Version Control menu or on the context menu of the selection, choose Create patch.
  3. In the Create Patch dialog box that opens, review the list of changed files, and make sure that the files to be included in the patch are selected.
  4. Add a commit comment. As you type, CLion checks the spelling and highlights words in question.

    This functionality is available if the 'Spelling' code inspection is enabled.

  5. Click Create patch.

You can also create patch on the base of your local history. To do that, open the local history view for the desired directory, file or code fragment, as described in the section Using Local History, right-click the desired revision, and choose the Create Patch command on the context menu, or click the create patch button img on the lower toolbar.

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Last modified: 7 May 2015