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Reformat Code Dialog

Code | Reformat Code

In this dialog box, specify the scope to apply reformatting to.

Whole fileChoose this option to have all the source code in the current file reformatted.
Selected textChoose this option to have the currently selected fragment of source code reformatted.
Optimize importsSelect this check box to remove unused import statements from the code within the selected scope.
Rearrange codeSelect this check box to reorder your source code entries according to the configurations specified in the Arrangement tab of your Code Style settings.
Only VCS changed textIf this check box is selected, then reformatting will apply only to the files that have been changed locally, but not yet checked in to the repository.
This check box is only available for the files under version control.
RunClick this button to start reformatting the source code within the specified scope.

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Last modified: 7 May 2015