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CLion is a cross-platform С/С++ IDE that works on Linux, Windows and OS X. It natively supports CMake, cross-platform build system, and uses it as a project model. CLion is intended for C and C++ developers. In addition, it fully supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML (these languages are bundled in the IDE via plugins and are switched on for you by default). Support for other languages can also be added via plugins. It has deep understanding of the code in C and C++ and provides C/C++ developers with the smart editor, generation features, navigation, code analysis with quick fixes and refactorings. Debugger, version control systems and terminal integration is also on board.

More online resources

If the CLion documentation fails to answer your questions, you can find more information on the web. The following online resources are available:

Besides that, find the complete keymap reference in PDF format:

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Last modified: 20 October 2015