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Output Filters Dialog

The dialog box opens when you click the Output Filters button in the Edit Tool dialog box. In this dialog box, manage the list of filters to distinguish the output of a specific external tool from other output. Based on these filters, CLion displays paths to the tool's output files as links in error and other messages and logs. When you click such link, the corresponding file is opened in the editor.

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Output Filters

The list box displays the filters defined for a specific external tool. Use the toolbar buttons to manage the contents of the list.


add Click this button to open the Add Filter dialog box and configure a new filter.
edit1 Click this button to open the Edit Filter dialog box and change configuration of the selected filter.
delete Click this button to delete selected entries from the list of filters.
arrowUp arrowDown Use these buttons to change the order of entries in the list of filters.

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Last modified: 10 December 2015