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This section provides descriptions of the Python-specific procedures that are used in projects of all supported types, and the procedures that pertain to the empty projects only.

In this section:


At least one Python interpreter is properly installed on your machine. If you are a Windows user, we strictly recommend you to install Python from here. This will prevent you of possible problems with debugger on Windows.

In case of working with Python in CLion, currently we do recommend to set run.processes.with.pty to false in CLion’s registry:

  • In Find Action dialog (Ctrl+Shift+A) type Registry.
  • In the registry type run.processes.with.pty to find the parameter.
  • Uncheck the parameter there.
This is necessary for correct Python console and Python run/debug functioning.

Python Support

CLion supports Python from version 2.4 up to the version 3.5.

Python support in CLion includes:

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Last modified: 2 February 2016