CLion 2016.1 Help

Building Hierarchies

CLion provides facilities for building the following hierarchies:

  • Type hierarchies that show parent and children classes of a class.
  • Method hierarchies that show classes where a method:
    • Is defined.
    • Is not defined.
    • Should be defined if the class is not abstract.
  • Call hierarchies that show callers (supertypes) or callees (subtypes) of a method.

When built, a hierarchy can be immediately viewed and examined in the Hierarchy tool window. By default, every new built hierarchy overwrites the contents of the current tab. You can retain the current tab and have the next hierarchy built in a new one.

To build a hierarchy of types

  1. Select the desired class in the Project tool window or open it in the editor.
  2. On the main menu, choose Navigate | Type Hierarchy or just press Ctrl+H.

To build a hierarchy of imports

  1. Open the file in the editor or select it in the Project view.
  2. On the main menu, choose Navigate | Imports Hierarchy.

To retain a hierarchy tab

  • In the Hierarchy tool window, click the Pin Tab button pin.png on the toolbar.

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Last modified: 20 July 2016