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CMake. Problems

This tab consists of the CMake messages area,and the toolbox described below.

IconTooltip and shortcutDescription
arrowUp/arrowDownPrevious/next message
Jumps to the previous/next message.
exportToTextFileExport to text file
Click this button to export the selected message to a text file. Clicking this button opens the Export Preview dialog box with the following controls:
Export to fileType location of the file to be exported, or click browseButton and locate the desired target in the dialog box that opens.
DetailsIf this check box is selected, the field below shows the selected message.
If this check box is not selected, the selected message is hidden.
SaveClick this button to export the selected message to the specified location.
CopyClick this button to take the selected message to the system clipboard.
CancelClick this button to discard all changes and close the dialog box.
Click this button to open CMake web help page.
refreshReload CMake projectClick this button to reload the current CMake project.
edit_project_root_iconChange project rootClick this button to choose the new project root in the Select Path dialog box.
settingsCMake SettingsClick this button to edit CMake settings in the CMake Settings page.
expandAllcollapseAllExpand/Collapse AllM
Ctrl+NumPad Plus/Ctrl+NumPad -
Click these buttons to expand or collapse all nodes.
hide_warnings_iconHide warningsClick this button to show error messages only.
autoScrollToSourceAutoscroll to sourceClick this button to automatically jump from the error message to the source code.

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Last modified: 20 July 2016