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Integrating SVN Projects or Directories

Integrating projects or directories in Subversion means merging differences between the two specified revisions into your working copy.

The Integrate Project command is available for both Subversion and Perforce integrations.

Integration results display in the Integrate Info tab of the Version Control tool window. Context menu of a file enables you to compare versions, view history and annotations, browse changes and more.


To integrate different sources into one Subversion project

  1. On the main menu, choose VCS | Integrate Project.
  2. In the Integrate dialog box, select Subversion tab (if both Perforce and Subversion integrations are used in this project).
  3. In the Source 1 and Source 2 fields, specify the sources to be merged, and the desired revision:
    • In the text fields, type repository locations for both sources, or click the browse button to open the Select Repository Location dialog box.
    • Specify the revisions to be integrated; if you click the Specified radio-button, type revision number, or click the browse button and select the desired revision from the Changes Browser.
  4. Define the following merge options, which correspond to the Subversion merge options:
    • Try merge, but make no change, which corresponds to the Dry Run option of Subversion. When this option is checked, you will be presented with the preview of diff operation to be used to perform integration.
    • Descend into child subdirectories to perform operation recursively.
    • Run status after update to perform status check.
  5. Click OK.

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Last modified: 20 July 2016