CLion 2016.2 Help


This tab consist of CMake output messages area and the toolbox.

ItemTooltip and shortcutDescription
Tab caption Output:<Configuration type> Click the tab caption to select the configuration type from the drop down list.
refreshReload CMake projectClick this button to reload the current CMake project.
settingsCMake SettingsClick this button to edit CMake settings in the CMake Settings page.
arrowUp/arrowDownPrevious/next message
Click this button to jump to the previous/next message.
icon_softWrap Use Soft Wraps Click this button to turn on or off the soft wrap mode for the output.
scrollToEnd Scroll to the end Click this button to go to the end of the event log.
clear_all Clear all Click this button to delete all the messages and thus clear the log.
Last modified: 22 November 2016