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In this tool window you can observe the CMake output messages, including the errors and warnings.
Note, that the tabs of tool window caption correspond to the generated built types as defined in CMake settings dialog.

cl CMakeToolWindow

IconTooltip and shortcutDescription
icon refresh
Reload CMake Project Click this button to reload the CMake project.
icon suspend 2x
Stop CMake Project Reload Click this button to cancel the process of CMake project reload. The button is grayed-out when there is no active reload running.
icon config
Open CMakeCache file Click this button to open the CMakeCache.txt file in the editor.
Click this button to expand the drop down menu:
icon settings CMake Settings Select this option to open the CMake Settings dialog box.
icon editFolder 2x Change Project Root Select this option to change the project root directory
Show Generated Files in ... Select this option to locate the generated files in your OS file system viewer (e.g. Explorer for Windows or Finder for macOS).
icon forceRefresh 2xReset Cache and Reload Project Click this button to reset the CMake cache and reload a project.
icon help32
Help Click this button to open the respected Web Help page.
icon moveUp
Previous Click this button to navigate to the previous error or warning.
icon moveDown
Next Click this button to navigate to the next error or warning.
icon toggleSoftWrap
Use Soft Wraps Click this button to turn the soft wrap mode for the output on or off.
icon scroll down
Scroll to the end Click this button to go to the last error or warning.
icon print 32
Print Click this button to print the output.
icon gc
Clear All Click this button to clear all the messages.
Last modified: 15 December 2017

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