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Subversion Working Copies Information Tab

View | Tool Windows | Version Control - Subversion Working Copies Information

Use this tab to configure the format of your working copies.

The tab displays a list of all detected directories under Subversion control supplied with information on the formats used.

RefreshClick this button to get the information on all the detected Subversion working copies up-to-date.
Root PathThis read-only field shows the full path to the directory.
URLThis read-only field shows the URL address of the remote directory the selected local copy is mapped to.
FormatThis read-only field shows the actual Subversion format used in the selected directory.
ChangeClick this link to open the Convert Working Copy Format dialog box, where you can select the desired format option.
DepthThis read-only field shows the range of recursion into subdirectories specified in the Update dialog box.
Working Copy RootThis read-only field is displayed only if the directory in question is the root of a working copy.
Configure BranchesClick this link to open the Configure Subversion Branches dialog box, where you can view and update the list of branches to work with.
Merge from Click this link to open the Select Branch pop-up dialog box and appoint the source of changes to merge to the current directory.
Last modified: 15 December 2017

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