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Time Tracking Tool Window

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ItemTooltip and ShortcutDescription
new Open Task
Create new task. Refer to the section Opening and Creating Tasks.
delete Remove TaskDelete selected tasks from the list.
time tracking show closed Show closed tasksIf this button is pressed, the list of tasks includes closed tasks. This button works as the second pressing keys Shift+Alt+N.
time tracking auto mode Auto modeIf this button is pressed, time tracking automatically turns on for the current active task, and the button time tracking timer on is disabled.
If this button is not pressed, you have to start timer for the active task yourself.
time tracking timer on/time tracking timer off Start/stop timer for the active taskClick this button to start or stop timer for the active task. When the timer is started, the button toggles to time tracking timer off (Stop timer for active task).
This button is disabled, when time tracking works in automatic mode (the button time tracking auto mode is pressed.)
time tracking postPost work item to bug trackerClick this button send duration of work and optional comment to the bug tracker.
spent time Show time spent from last post of work item
Last modified: 15 December 2017

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