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File Types Recognized by CLion

CLion recognizes numerous file types. Each file type is denoted with a special icon. Custom files types are also allowed. Each file type is associated with one or more extensions that match a certain pattern.

The file types and their extensions are configurable in the File Types dialog.

The default types include:

File TypeIcon
ActionScript files ac iconFileTypeAs
Archive files ac iconFileTypeArchive
Assembly language clion icons FileType asm
C/C++/Objective-C files clion icons FileType cpp
CSS files icons fileTypes css
Clang module map icons fileTypes text
Cmake cache icons fileTypes config
CMake filescl CMake
CoffeeScript files coffeescript core org coffeescript images coffeescript filetype
Command line icons fileTypes any type
Dictionary clion icons dictionary
Docker icons fileTypes any type
Doxygen Language icons fileTypes any type
ECMAScript 6 icons fileTypes javaScript
Files opened in associated applications icons fileTypes custom
Flow JS icons fileTypes javaScript
HTML files classTypeHtml
HTTP Requests restClient com intellij ws rest client icons http requests filetype
Image filesfileTypeImage
JavaScript filesfileTypeJavaScript
JIRA query languageac iconFileTypeJira
JSCS configuration files icons fileTypes json
JSHint configuration files ac iconJSHint
JSON filesfileTypeJSON
Less files less org jetbrains plugins less less
LiterateCoffeeScript coffeescript core org coffeescript images coffeescript filetype
Patch files icons vcs patch
Python pycharm icons com jetbrains python pythonFile
Python Stub pycharm icons com jetbrains python pythonFile
Qt UI Designer Form pycharm icons com jetbrains pyqt uiForm
React JSX icons fileTypes jspx
Regular expressionsfileTypeRegexp
RELAX NG Compact SyntaxfileTypeRelaxNG
Sass files sass org jetbrains plugins sass sass
Scalable Vector Graphics
SCSS files sass org jetbrains plugins sass sass
Snake YAML icons fileTypes any type
SourceMap icons fileTypes json
Stylus stylus org jetbrains plugins stylus styl
Swift ac iconFileType Swift
Text filesac iconFileTypeText
TSLint Configuration icons fileTypes json
TypeScript Config icons fileTypes json
TypeScript files ac iconFileType TypeScript
TypeScript JSX icons fileTypes any type
XHTML files ac iconFileTypeXHTML
XML DTD files ac iconFileTypeDTD
XML files ac iconFileTypeXML
YAML files fileTypeYAML
Yarn.lock icons fileTypes json
YouTrack Query Language tasks core icons youtrack
Last modified: 24 July 2018

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