CLion 2018.2 Help

Configuring Available Python Interpreters

The list of Python SDKs, available for the various projects, can include interpreters installed locally, as well as the virtual environments.

Viewing the list of available interpreters

To view the list of available interpreters, do one of the following

Configuring the list of available interpreters

To configure the list of available interpreters, follow these general steps

  1. Open the Settings/Preferences dialog box, and open the Python Interpreter page.

  2. Next to the Project Interpreter field, click icons general gearPlain.

  3. In the list of interpreter types, choose the desired option:

    Choose More to open the Project Interpreters dialog box, where it is possible to configure the list of the C/C++ interpreters, available on your computer.

    cl pyAvailableInterpreters

Project Interpreters dialog box

The Project Interpreters dialog features the toolbar with the following buttons:

cl projectInterpreters


Tooltip and shortcut


icons general add


Click this button to choose the type of interpreter to be added: local, or virtual environment.

icons general remove svg


Click this button to remove the selected interpreter from the list of available interpreters.

icons actions edit svg


Click this button to change the name and path of the selected interpreter.


Show virtual environments associated with the other projects

If this button is not pressed, CLion shows the virtual environments associated with the current project only.

icons actions listFiles svg

Show paths for the selected interpreter

Click this button to show the list of paths for the selected interpreter.

Auto-detecting interpreters

It is not necessary to configure all the interpreters or virtual environments. CLion can automatically detect them in certain locations. These automatically detected interpreters are denoted in the list by semi-transparent icons:

  • interpreter: python interpreter semitransparent

  • virtual environment: python venv semitransparent

The ability to automatically detect interpreters depends on the platform. CLion looks for the interpreters and virtual environments in the following locations:

  • Windows:
    • C:\PythonXX
    • C:\Program Files\PythonXX
    • PATH
    • .virtualenv
  • *NIX:
    • /usr/local/bin/pythonX

    • /usr/bin/pythonX

    • PATH
  • macOS:
    • /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Version

    • /System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Version

    • PATH

Removing interpreters from the list

To remove an interpreter from the list of available interpreters

  1. In the list of available interpreters, select the one to be deleted.

  2. Click icons general remove svg.

Last modified: 27 November 2018