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Navigating Through the Hierarchy of Functions

CLion provides an easy way to navigate up and down through the hierarchy of functions. If a function is overridden / implemented by a certain function, or overrides / implements some function itself, it is marked with an icon in the gutter area of the editor. When the mouse cursor hovers over such icon, the function information is displayed as the tooltip:

  • icons gutter implementingMethod: This function implements a pure virtual function.

  • icons gutter implementedMethod: This function is implemented in one or more descendants.

  • icons gutter overridingMethod: This function overrides a function defined in a superclass, or the type has supertypes.

  • icons gutter overridenMethod: This function is overridden in one or more subclasses, or the type has subtypes.

Use these icons, shortcuts, or menu commands to navigate to the corresponding points of origin.

Navigating through the hierarchy of functions

To navigate up and down through the function hierarchy, do one of the following:

  • Click the gutter icon and select the desired ascendant or descendant class from the list.

  • On the main Navigate menu, choose Super Definition, or Definition(s) respectively.

  • Press Ctrl+U or Ctrl+Alt+B for the super function or implementation respectively.

Last modified: 27 November 2018

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