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Disassembly View

In situations when source code is unavailable, you can step into and debug the disassembled code in CLion.

To access the disassembly view, use the Force Step Into Shift+Alt+F7 command instead of Step Into F7 (this command behaves as Step Over for functions with no source code). Also, you can navigate to the desired frame in the Debug Tool window.

Syntax highlighting is available for AT&T assembly code. By default, the .s and .asm files are recognized as assembly code files, and you can configure other types in Settings / Preferences | Editor | File Types | Assembly Language.

To investigate your code in the disassembly view, use regular stepping actions. Note that Run to Cursor, Evaluate Expression, and breakpoints-related actions are not supported.

cl disassemblyView

Extending the disassembly view functionality is under development in CLion. Please vote for desired features and share your feedback in the following tickets:

Last modified: 14 February 2019

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