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Run/Debug Configuration: Application

The application run/debug configuration enables you to run or debug applications via the main() function.

The dialog consists of the following tabs:

Configuration tab




Choose the desired target from the list.

Target types are marked with the following icons:

cl targetAll - All targets

cl targetExecutable - Executable

cl targetCustom - Custom target

cl targetLibrary - Library


From this drop down list, select executable for your configuration.

Program arguments

In this text box, type a list of arguments to be passed to the program in the format you would use in the command line. If necessary, click the icons general expandComponent button and type the desired arguments.

Working directory

Specify the working directory to be used for running the application. This directory is the starting point for all relative input and output paths. By default, the field contains the directory where the project file resides. To specify another directory, click and select the directory.

Expand the drop-down list to view available path variables that you can use as a path to your working directory. In this case you do not need to specify any additional environment variables in the Environment variablesfield.

Environment variables

Create environment variables and specify their values.

Last modified: 14 February 2019

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