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Viewing Pages with Web Contents


With CLion, you can perform two opposite operations:

  • Preview the output of your Web application in the browser to check whether the pages are rendered correctly. CLion can display a page preview in a browser of your choice or you can switch between several browsers. CLion currently supports previews in the following browsers:
    • Mozilla Firefox

    • Internet Explorer

    • Safari

    • Chrome

    • Opera

  • View the HTML source code of a Web page in the CLion editor.

Previewing pages with web content in a browser

You can preview a file with Web contents in a browser. This can be the CLion default browser specified in the Web Browsers section of the IDE settings or the one of your choice.

To preview an opened file in a web browser, do one of the following:

  • On the main menu, choose View | Open in Browser. The current file opens in the default browser.

  • With the editor tab having the focus, choose View | Preview file in on the main menu or press Alt+F2. Then select the desired browser from the pop-up menu:


  • Hover your mouse pointer over the code to show the browser icons bar, and click the icon that indicates the desired browser:


Opening web page in the editor

To open the HTML source code of a Web page in the editor

You can open the HTML source code of any Web page in the CLion editor.

No matter which programming language was originally used to develop a page (for example, XML or PHP), CLion shows the resulting HTML code.

  1. Choose File | Open URL.

  2. In the Open URL dialog box that opens, specify the URL address of the desired Web page. Type the URL address manually or choose a previously specified one from the drop-down list.

Last modified: 14 February 2019

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