CLion 2019.1 Help

Finding Usages in Project

You can search for usages of a symbol in a project, in a file, or in a custom scope that you set.

  1. Select a code element for which you want to find usages. Note that you can extend your search to file usages as well.

  2. From the main menu select Edit | Find | Find Usages (Alt+F7).

  3. Check the results in the Find tool window.

    Find tool window

    You can also pull out the results from the previous Find Usages actions. From the main menu, select Edit | Find | Recent Find Usages and the usage query.

    While in the Find tool window, you can use the Previewthe Preview Usages button area to check the places where the usages were found, to see a call hierarchy for methods, data flow for fields, and so on.

    Find tool window preview area

    If CLion doesn't return any results, it will display a message suggesting to opt for more options. You can follow the link, press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F7, or click the the Settings button icon to open the Find Usages dialog where you can set a new scope for your search.

    Find usage dialog

    To set a custom scope, click the ellipsis icon.

  4. When you are done setting a new scope, click Find.

If you want CLion to show you usages of the selected symbol in the separate window, press Ctrl+Alt+F7. You can use this window for quick navigation.

Show Usages results window

Press the same shortcut again to see the usages in the default scope.

Last modified: 24 July 2019