CLion 2020.1 Help

Code Editing

Use the Code Editing page of the Settings/Preferences dialog to configure the general code editing options.

Highlight on Caret Movement
Matched braceSelect this checkbox to have CLion highlight pairs of opening/closing braces when you position the caret right before the opening or right after the closing one. It also works for HTML and XML tags.
Current scopeSelect this checkbox to have CLion highlight the available scope for the code typed in the current caret location.
Usages of element at caret Select this checkbox to have CLion highlight all usages of the element at which the caret is currently positioned.
Show notification after
  • Reformatting code: select this checkbox to show a notification with changes in your code and a shortcut to the Reformat Code dialog every time you try to reformat the code. Otherwise, CLion will reformat code silently.

  • Imports optimization: select this checkbox to show notification with changes in your code. Otherwise, CLion will optimize imports silently.

Specify refactoring options
  • In the editor: select this option to enable the in-place refactoring mode for C/C++.

    In the in-place mode, you specify all or most of the information necessary for the refactoring just by typing it, right in the editor. All the affected code fragments are highlighted and change as you type. If appropriate, additional refactoring options are selected in corresponding option boxes.

    The in-place refactoring mode is available for the following refactorings:

  • In the modal dialogs: select this option if you want to use the refactoring dialogs when you refactor your code.

Preselect old name

If this checkbox is selected, the old name of a symbol is selected in the editor or in the Rename dialog when the Rename refactoring is invoked for that symbol.

If the checkbox is cleared, the symbol to be renamed is not selected.

Show inline dialog for local variables Select this checkbox if you want to display a confirmation dialog for the "Inline local variable" refactoring.
Error Highlighting
Error stripe mark min height (pixels)In this field, specify the minimum size of the error and warning stripes.
Autoreparse delay (ms)In this field, specify the time period after which CLion starts reparsing the entered text.
The 'Next Error' action goes through
  • The problems with the highest priority: select this option to have CLion pass through the highest priority problems only (for example, errors), when executing Navigate | Next/Previous Highlighted Error command F2/Shift+F2.

  • All problems: select this opiton to have CLion pass through all the existing problems (for example, errors and warnings) sequentially.

Quick Documentation
Show quick documentation on mouse moveSelect this checkbox to show quick documentation for the symbol when you move the mouse pointer over it. The quick documentation popup appears after the delay time specified in the Tooltip delay field.
Editor tooltips
Tooltip delayUse this option to specify the delay for a tooltip appearance.
Last modified: 29 May 2020