CLion 2020.1 Help

Objective-C/C++ Support

CLion enables you to work with Objective-C/C++ files as comprehensively and productively as with code written in C or C++.

You can open, create and add Objective-C/C++ files with .m and .mm extensions into your CMake or compilation database project, and use all of the features for code inspection, assistance and refactoring that CLion provides. Live and code templates are also available for Objective-C/C++ code. For more details, see CLion Features in Different Languages.

To configure Objective-C/C++ specific settings, use the following pages of the Settings/Preferences dialog Ctrl+Alt+S:

  • Editor | Inspections | Objective-C
  • Editor | File and Code Templates (and select the Code tab)

  • Editor | Live Templates

Enable code style and color scheme settings for Objective-C/C++

  1. Go to Help | Find Action in the main menu (or press Ctrl+Shift+A) and start typing Registry:

    search for Registry via Find Action

  2. In the Registry dialog, start typing clion.enable.objc.settings and select the checkbox next to the corresponding key:

    Enabling Objective-C/C++ in the registry

  3. As a result, Color Schemes and Code Styles pages of the Settings/Preferences dialog now cover Objective-C/C++:

    Objective-C/C++ color scheme settings
    Objective-C/C++ code style settings

Last modified: 08 May 2020