CLion 2020.2 Help

Recognized file types

To view the list of file types recognized by CLion, go to Settings/Preferences | Editor | File Types. If a file in your project is marked with the icons.fileTypes.unknown.svg icon, it means that CLion couldn't recognize it. In this case, you can register a new file type.

File TypeIcon
ActionScript filesac iconFileTypeAs png
Archive filesac iconFileTypeArchive png
Assembly languageclion.icons.fileTypes.asm.svg
C/C++/Objective-C filesclion.icons.fileTypes.cpp.svg
CSS filesicons.fileTypes.css.svg
Clang module mapicons.fileTypes.text.svg
Cmake cacheicons.fileTypes.config.svg
CMake filescl CMake png
Doxygen Languageicons.fileTypes.any_type.svg
ECMAScript 6icons.fileTypes.javaScript.svg
Files opened in associated applicationsicons.fileTypes.custom.svg
Flow JSicons.fileTypes.javaScript.svg
HTML filesicons.fileTypes.html.svg
HTTP Requests
JavaScript filesfileTypeJavaScript png
Jest Snapshoticons.fileTypes.any_type.svg
JIRA query languageac iconFileTypeJira png
JSCS configuration filesicons.fileTypes.json.svg
JSHint configuration filesac iconJSHint png
JSON filesfileTypeJSON png
JSON5 filesfileTypeJSON png
Less files
Patch filesicons.vcs.patch.svg
Qt UI Designer
React JSXicons.fileTypes.jspx.svg
Regular expressionsfileTypeRegexp png
RELAX NG Compact SyntaxfileTypeRelaxNG png
Scalable Vector
Snake YAMLicons.fileTypes.any_type.svg
source mapicons.fileTypes.json.svg
Spell Checker Dictionaryspellchecker.icons.dictionary.svg
Text filesicons.fileTypes.text.svg
TypeScript Configicons.fileTypes.json.svg
TypeScript files
TypeScript JSXicons.fileTypes.any_type.svg
XHTML filesicons.fileTypes.xhtml.svg
XML DTD filesac iconFileTypeDTD png
XML filesicons.fileTypes.xml.svg
YAML files fileTypeYAML png
YouTrack Query Languagetasks-core.icons.youtrack.svg
Last modified: 01 December 2020