CLion 2020.2 Help

Rename dialogs

Refactor | Rename


Rename dialogs help you perform the Rename refactoring for various entities such as classes, fields, functions, and so on. You can apply changes to the name occurrences selectively.

Rename <symbol name> and its usages toIn this field, specify a new name for the symbol.
Search in JavaScript files

Select this checkbox to rename the usages of the function or the class in compiled JavaScript code.

Search for dynamic references

Select this checkbox to rename the dynamic usages of the symbol, for example, those of the type any.

Including dynamic usages in the refactoring may cause erroneous renaming as shown in the example below. Here changing test() to test1() in rename.test() is correct while in hello.test() it is an error.

A dynamic usage of a symbol is erroneously renamed
Search in comments and stringsSelect this checkbox to have the changes applied to comments and strings.
Search for text occurrencesSelect this checkbox to have the changes applied to the documentation, HTML, and other files included in the project.
Last modified: 18 August 2020