CLion 2021.1 Help

Deployment: Excluded Paths Tab

Use this tab to configure a list of local and remote folders that you do not want to be involved in upload/download. If you want to exclude files and folders using patterns (for example, all files with a specific extension), use the Exclude items by name field on the Options page of the deployment settings section.

ItemTooltip and shortcutDescription
Add item



Click this button to have an empty line added to the list. Then select the type of the path from the popup menu:

  • To add a local path, select Local path and specify the location of the folder to be protected against upload/download. Type the path manually or click Browse button and choose the required folder in the dialog that opens.

  • To add a deployment path, select Deployment path. Click Browse button and select the required folder in the Select remote excluded path dialog.

Remove item



Click this button to remove the selected item from the list. The button is only available when a line is selected.
Last modified: 08 March 2021