CLion 2021.1 Help

Remote SSH External Tools

Use this page to define remote SSH external tools to be able to run them from CLion.

Toolbar icons

Icons general addAdd a definition of an external tool. (The Create Tool dialog will open.)
Icons general removeIf an individual tool is selected: delete the tool definition. If a tool group is selected: delete the definitions of all the tools within the selected group.
Icons actions editEdit the definition of the selected tool. (The Edit Tool dialog will open.)
Icons actions previous occurence   Icons actions next occurenceMove the selected tool one line up or down within the group. (The order of tools defines the order of items in corresponding menus.)
Icons actions copyCreate a copy of the selected definition and then edit that copy. (The Copy Tool dialog will open.)


Use the checkboxes to enable or disable the tools and the tool groups. The items that are not currently selected are not available in the Tools and context menus.

Last modified: 19 May 2021