CLion 2021.1 Help

Explore test results

After CLion finishes running your tests, it shows the results in the Run tool window on the Test Runner tab.

The console on the right shows the output of the current test session. It allows you to see the detailed information on the test execution and why your tests failed or were ignored.

The Test Runner toolbar located above the list of test results allows you to show and hide successful and ignored tests, display how much time it took to run each test, export, import, and sort test results.

Next to each test on the Test Runner tab, the IDE displays an icon that marks the test status:

Test errorTest error. This status is assigned to tests that caused an exception from the tested source code.
Test failedTest failed. If at least one child test fails, all its parent tests are marked as failed.
Test ignored

Test ignored.

Test in progressTest in progress.
Test passedTest passed successfully.

Test terminated. This status is assigned to tests that were stopped.

If at least one test receives this status, then all unfinished tests and their parent tests are marked as terminated.

Use the Testing toolbar to customize visual representation of the test results.

View statistics

  • To view the execution time for tests, click the Settings button on the Test Runner toolbar and enable the Show Inline Statistics option.

    Unit test statistics

View results of previous tests

CLion automatically saves results of the last 10 tests. To open the list of recent tests:

  • Click the Test History icon on the Test Runner toolbar and select the necessary test from the list.

    For each test, the list displays the run configuration name and a time stamp:

    Viewing results of previous tests

    You can also export test results to a file if you want to keep them or share with your team.

Export and import test results

Export test results to a file

  1. Click Export Test Results on the Test Runner toolbar.

  2. Select the format in which you want to save the file: HTML, XML (use this format if you want to import this file later to CLion), or Custom, apply XSL template (click Browse button next to this option and select the *.xsl code style definition file).

  3. Specify the name of the output file and its location.

  4. If you want to open the file in your browser after you export it, select the Open exported file in browser checkbox. Click OK.

Import test results

  1. To load a previously exported file, click Import Tests from File on the Test Runner toolbar.

  2. In the dialog that opens, select the .xml file with test results and click Open.

Last modified: 27 April 2021