CLion 2022.3 Help


When you reference a symbol that has not yet been imported, CLion helps you to locate the file (header, as a rule) which contains declaration (definition) of that symbol and adds it to the list of includes.

The import statement is added to the imports section, but the cursor does not move from the current position, and your current editing session does not suspend. This feature is known as the Import Assistant.

Import a missing header file

  1. Type a reference to a non-imported class or function.

  2. Press Alt+Enter.

    Cl auto import
  3. If there are multiple choices for auto import, select the desired option from the list:

    Cl autoimport options

Configure auto-import

You can configure the auto-import behavior for C/C++ and other languages in Settings | Editor | General | Auto Import.

Auto-import settings

Show import popup

Suggest creating imports for symbols that lack import statements (enabled by default).

Auto import in completion

Automatically insert an import statement during code completion (enabled by default).

Auto import local files with quotes

Silently add #include directives for project files (enabled by default).

Sort includes

Sort the inserted include-s according to the rules specified in .clang-format.

    Last modified: 18 January 2023