CLion 2023.1 Help

Run CLion for the first time

You can use the Toolbox App to run any JetBrains product. In case of a standalone installation, running CLion depends on the operating system:

To run CLion, find it in the Windows Start menu or use the desktop shortcut. You can also run the launcher batch script or executable in the installation directory under bin.

Run the CLion app from the Applications directory, Launchpad, or Spotlight.

Run the shell script in the installation directory under bin. You can also use the desktop shortcut if it was created during installation.

For information about running CLion from the command line, see Command-line interface.

Customize the IDE appearance

Click Customize and select another color theme or select the Sync with OS checkbox to use your system default theme. Here you can also configure accessibility settings or select another keymap.

Customize the IDE when running for the first time

Configure the default settings

Click Customize and select Import Settings if you already have a copy of the required settings that you want to apply.

Alternatively, click All settings to open the settings dialog. The settings that you modify at this moment will become the new default configuration for your projects and the IDE.

Configuring new default settings for projects

Install additional plugins

Click Plugins in the left-hand pane and download and install additional plugins from the CLion plugins repository.

Install additional plugins

Learn CLion

Click Learn to get more familiar with the shortcuts, features, and workflows that the IDE has to offer.

Learn CLion

Start a project in CLion

From the Welcome to CLion dialog, you can do the following:

Welcome screen
Last modified: 22 March 2023