CLion 2024.1 Help

Markdown code style settings

Use this page to configure code style options for Markdown files. When you change these settings, the Preview pane shows how this will affect your code.

Wrapping and Braces

Configure the options for breaking lines.

Hard wrap at

Specify at which column to put a line break. CLion shows a vertical line at the specified column and breaks lines between words, not within words.

Wrap on typing

Add line breaks as you type. Disable this option to add line breaks only when CLion performs reformatting.

Wrap long text

Enable hard wrapping.

Wrap text inside block quotes

Enable hard wrapping for block quotes.

Visual guides

Show an additional vertical line at the specified column.

When reformatting

Configure additional actions to perform during reformatting.

  • Keep line breaks inside text blocks: Do not remove line breaks within paragraphs.

  • Insert block quote arrows: Add the block quote marker (the "greater than" character >) at the beginning of each line in a block quote.

  • Format tables: Reformat tables to align all the cells and properly fit all the content. For information about reformatting tables as you type, see Smart Keys: Markdown.

Tabs and Indents

Configure the options for nesting text blocks and alignment within a block.

Use tab character

Use the tab character for indentation. Disable this option to use spaces for indentation.

Smart tabs

Nest blocks with tabs and align with spaces. Disable this option to use only tabs and replace spaces that fit the specified tab size with tabs.

Tab size

Specify the number of spaces to render in place of one tab character.


Specify the number of spaces used for each indentation level.

Continuation indent

Specify the number of spaces used for continuing the same text block.

Keep indents on empty lines

Retain tabs and spaces on empty lines. By default, this option is disabled and CLion removes all tabs and spaces if there is nothing else on that line.

Blank Lines

Set the maximum and minimum number of blank lines to keep for various text elements.

Around header

Before and after chapter headings.

Around block elements

Before and after code blocks.

Between paragraphs

Between two adjacent paragraphs.


Specify which elements should have exactly one space.

Between words

Remove extra spaces between words.

After header symbol

Remove extra spaces or add a missing space between the heading symbol and the heading title.

After list marker

Remove extra spaces or add a missing space between the list item marker and the list item text.

After blockquote marker

Remove extra spaces or add a missing space between the block quote marker and the text of the block quote.

Last modified: 11 February 2024