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Extract Function

Refactor | Extract Method

Extract Function.
NameIn this text box, specify the name of the function or method to be generated on the basis of the selected source code.
Declaration place In the drop down list, select a place to declare a new function (above or below).

Note: This option is available for global functions only.

Return type In this field, specify the return type of the new function.
Signature previewIn this read-only field, view the declaration of the new function.

Extract Function Parameters Pane

Type Specify the type of the added parameter.
NameSpecify the name of the added parameter.
List of parametersContains the full parameters list of created function.


icons general add svg Alt+Insert Click this button to add a new parameter to the list.
icons general remove svg Alt+Delete Click this button to remove the selected parameter from the list.
icons actions previousOccurence svg or icons actions nextOccurence svg  Alt+Up or Alt+Down Use these buttons to move the selected parameter up and down in the list.

The order of parameters in the list defines the order in which parameters appear in the function.

Last modified: 18 September 2018

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