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Icons and symbols

While working in CLion, you can see various icons all around the UI. For most of them, you can get a tooltip description by hovering the mouse over an icon, for example:

icon tooltip

This article gives a summary of icons that are not supplied with tooltips. Such icons belong to the following UI areas: Project View, Structure View, Breadcrumbs, or one of the Hierarchy Views (Call, Method, or Imports Hierarchy).

interface areas with icons not supplied with tooltips

Project View Icons

Folders and files
Folder - Plain folder
Source folder - Source folder
Excluded folder - Excluded folder (highlighted with yellow background in the Project tree)
cl plaintext icon png
- File marked as plain text
External libraries - External library
Scratches and Consoles - Scratch files and consoles
File types
In the Project tree, files are marked with file type icons, for example cidr-base.icons.fileTypes.cpp.svg, cidr-base-plugin.icons.fileTypes.h.svg, clion.icons.CMake.svg (see Recognized file types for the full list with corresponding symbols). The 'question mark' icon icons.fileTypes.unknown.svg indicates that CLion could not recognize the file type.
Source files
Files marked with blue overlay badges icons.modules.sourceRootFileLayer.svg are source files (for CMake projects, if a file icon does not have this overlay badge, it means that the file is not included in CMakeLists.txt).
VCS status indication
If VCS integration is enabled for the project, CLion uses colors to denote VCS file status in the Project tool window. For the colors meaning, refer to File status highlights.

Structure, Hierarchy, and Breadcrumbs Icons

Elements in Structure View, Call Hierarchy or Method Hierarchy can also have visibility indicators: private icons.nodes.c_private.svg, protected icons.nodes.c_protected.svg, or public icons.nodes.c_public.svg.

cidr-base-plugin.icons.codeAssistantStruct.svg - Struct/Class cidr-base.icons.codeAssistantGlobal.svg - Global variable
cidr-base-plugin.icons.codeAssistantField.svg - Struct/Class field cl globalconst icon png - Global constant variable
cl constfield icon png - Struct/Class constant field cl globalstaticconst icon png - Global static constant variable
cl staticconstfield icon png - Struct/Class static constant field cidr-base.icons.codeAssistantEnum.svg - Enumeration
cidr-base.icons.codeAssistantFunction.svg - Function cidr-base.icons.codeAssistantEnumConst.svg - Enumeration value
cidr-base.icons.codeAssistantFunctionAbstract.svg - Pure virtual function cidr-base-plugin.icons.codeAssistantNamespace.svg - Namespace
cl constfunction icon png - Constant function cidr-base-plugin.icons.codeAssistantUnion.svg - Union
cl staticfunction icon png - Static function cidr-base-plugin.icons.codeAssistantType.svg - Typedef
Last modified: 11 November 2020