CLion 2024.1 Help

Linker scripts

To assist you in creating and editing linker scripts for embedded development, CLion supports the Linker Script (LD) language.

The following code insight features are available for your .ld files:

  • Customizable syntax highlighting

    To configure the color scheme for linker scripts, go to Settings | Editor | Color Scheme | LinkerScript:

    Linker scripts color scheme
  • Keywords completion

    Code completion in linker scripts
  • Code folding

    Folding/unfolding is available for the sections, memory, and phdrs blocks:

    Code folding in linker scripts
  • Structure view

    To open the Structure view, press Alt+7 (for the tool window) or Ctrl+F12 (for the popup).

    In linker scripts, Structure shows the top-level commands, such as sections, memory, version, and phdrs:

    Structure view for linker scripts
Last modified: 11 February 2024