CLion 2024.1 Help


Modify Object



Confirm cancellation for dialogs that modify schema

Show a confirmation dialog when you close Create or Modify dialogs. Close means clicking Cancel or pressing Escape. If the checkbox is cleared, the dialog closes instantly.

For more information about the dialogs, refer to Create Table and Modify Table Dialogs.




Show preview of valid script when updating source text

Show the Object Migration dialog even if the changes in the object's source code are valid.

By default, the Object Migration dialog is displayed to confirm changes that you make to source code in objects. For example, if you modify code in a routine or a view and press Submit, you will see the Object Migration dialog with your changes highlighted.

For more information about changing database object's source code, refer to Modify source code of database objects.

DDL Mapping



Suggest dumping DDL for new mappings

Display a dialog with a suggestion to dump your data source to a DDL data source after a DDL mapping is added.

For more information about creating DDL data sources, refer to DDL data sources and DDL mappings.

Code Generation



Generate context templates

Select a query console in which you want to generate a context template. You can select between the following options:

  • Append to existing console: add a context template to the current query console.

  • In a new console: create a query console and paste a context template to this query console.

Virtual Foreign Keys



Column patterns pane

Create a rule according to which CLion will point a column in one table to a column in another table.

For more information about virtual foreign keys, refer to Virtual foreign keys.

SQL Resolution



Default resolve mode for consoles

Select a default resolve mode to resolve the database objects in query consoles.

Last modified: 28 May 2024