JetBrains CodeCanvas 2024.1 Help


Dev environment

A remotely hosted containerized environment to which developers connect from their local machines to write, test, and debug code. It includes source code, an IDE backend, and required development tools. A dev environment runs in a container which, in turn, runs in a worker container (see below).

Dev container

A container that runs a dev environment. It includes an IDE backend, source code, and development tools.


A container with an agent application that runs in a Kubernetes pod. It supervises the execution of CodeCanvas tasks. For example, when a developer creates a dev environment, CodeCanvas sends the corresponding task to a worker. The worker then starts a dev container.

Dev environment image

A Docker image for a dev environment container that provides all necessary toolchains for the project. If you don't provide a custom image, CodeCanvas uses the default image.

Dev environment template

A predefined configuration (a blueprint) for creating dev environments for a particular project. It defines a dev environment image, an IDE, resources, environment variables, and other settings. Templates are typically created by namespace administrators.

JetBrains Gateway

A launcher that lets users connect to remote dev environments. After a user requests an environment in the JetBrains Gateway, it launches a JetBrains Client that is specific to that environment. The client connects to a dev environment and provides a UI for working with it.


A process of pre-building data for a dev environment. Typically, it includes downloading dependencies, building indexes, and caching. Warm-up speeds up the startup of a dev environment.

Warm-up snapshot

The result of a warm-up is a snapshot that contains the warm-up data. The snapshot is mounted to a dev environment container when it starts.

Standby pool

A pool of running dev environments that are ready to be used. When a user creates a dev environment, CodeCanvas takes a dev environment from the standby pool instead of creating a new one.

CodeCanvas application cluster

A Kubernetes cluster that runs the CodeCanvas application and necessary services. In basic installations, it's also used to run dev environments.

Computing platform

A platform (e.g., a Kubernetes cluster) where user dev environments are running.


An organizational entity that includes Git repositories, dev environment templates, and other related resources. Use namespaces to group related resources, e.g., by project or team. By default, only system administrators can create namespaces and assign namespace administrators. Ordinary users don't have access to namespaces. Instead, they work with resources that belong to namespaces, such as Git repositories and dev environment templates.


An organizational unit that consists of CodeCanvas users and can represent real teams and departments in your organization. Use groups to simplify access management to Git repositories and dev environment templates.

Last modified: 17 May 2024