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On-premises server quick setup

Follow this link for the quick setup launcher

Code With Me quick setup

The quick Code With Me setup is intended for quick evaluation purposes. This setup has the following security-related limitations:

  • The setup doesn't have SSL for lobby or relay servers connections.

  • The relay server cannot verify whether the requests to establish a relay are authentic and coming from the real lobby server.

  • The relay server or the host cannot verify whether session join request is signed by the lobby server.

Check out the following video on how to quickly configure the on-premises setup:

Set up launcher

  • Follow this link for the setup launcher.

    Quick setup uses a single-click executable for the Code With Me servers.


You can use the following options in the code to launch the servers for the Code With Me sessions:

  • The host address is specified by the -h option.

  • Path to the license file is specified by the -k option. To obtain the license file, go to our site

  • The lobby and relay server ports can be specified using the -l and -r options respectively.

    The servers default to 2093 for a lobby server and 3274 for a relay server.

  • Enter the following command:

    $./ -h -k license.key

    This command launches a lobby server, accessible via the address

    This command also launches a relay server on the port 3274, and the lobby server will share a link of ws:// as the relay address.

  • Enter the following command:

    $./ -h myserver.internal -k license.key -l 4950 -r 8092

    This command launches a lobby server, accessible via the address http://myserver.internal:4950.

    This command also launches a relay server on the port 8092, and the lobby will share a link of ws://myserver.internal:8092 as the relay address.

The offline mode setup example for quick setup

You can set up Code With Me without connecting to the JetBrains site. By default, the quick setup script doesn't contain such settings. In short, the scenario is the following:

Quick setup test in offline mode

  1. Download required files from the JetBrains sites on the machine with an Internet connection,

  2. Place them to local storage available for end-users workstations,

  3. Point the lobby server to use this place as the local storage.

Refer to the followin description for more details:

Adjust quick setup launcher

  1. Somewhere on the machine with Internet access, run a separate "mirror_guests" script (lobby/bin/mirror-guests) with required filters.

    Note: Since version 1698, the "mirror-guests" script has been renamed to jetbrains-clients-downloader and comes as a separate distribution from page.

    Filters come as parameters and describe what files will be downloaded. Use the following example:

    .bin/jetbrains-clients-downloader --verbose --products-filter IU --platforms-filter windows-x64 --build-filter 211.7142.45 /tmp/CWMsources

    211.7142.45 and /tmp/CWMsources are examples, adjust those parts of code accordingly. For detailed syntax, refer to jetbrains-clients-downloader -h.

  2. Place saved files to the machine where you don't have the Internet connection and where the quick-setup will be tested. The folder with files will be considered as GUESTS_LOCAL_STORAGE_DIRECTORY.

  3. Add following entries to the script:


    The value of GUESTS_LOCAL_STORAGE_DIRECTORY= is equal to the place from previous step.

Last modified: 29 November 2021