CodeWithMe Help

Set up lobby URLs for your organization

You can set the URL of the lobby server configured in your organization on users machines.

So, it will be populated in IDEs' Code With Me settings to avoid manual typing.

Open the Code With Me settings

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+S to open the IDE settings and then select Tools | Code With Me.

  2. On the Code With Me page, in the Lobby server URL field add the URL of the server.

    Code With Me settings

    If due to security reasons in your company, this field is protected, you can check the lobby server details to see what URL was used.

    If you want to configure the lobby server on your own, check the configurable server locations.

System-wide restrictions locations

  • Registry key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\JetBrains\CodeWithMe

    (both 32 and 64 registry)

  • Value: lobbyServerUrl

  • /etc/xdg/JetBrains/CodeWithMe/config.json-> { "lobbyServerUrl" : "" }

Follow these conventions.

  • /Library/Application Support/JetBrains/CodeWithMe/config.json

Configurable lobby server locations

  • Registry key: HKCU\SOFTWARE\JetBrains\CodeWithMe

    (both 32 and 64 registry)

  • Value: lobbyServerUrl

  • ~/.config/JetBrains/CodeWithMe/config.json-> { "lobbyServerUrl" : "" }

Follow these conventions and use query XDG_CONFIG_HOME for ~/.config exact location.

  • ~/Library/Application Support/JetBrains/CodeWithMe/config.json

Last modified: 19 March 2024